MAVERICK (Unconventional Collaboration)

InnovationTank Maverick Virtual Session

Innovation Tank Maverick is a virtual session, ideal for this modern world, that will engage your team regardless of their current work location. A Maverick session type is run seamlessly online with the following benefits and more:

InnovationTANK Maverick | Easy Access

Easy Access

Distance is not a barrier, giving an increased opportunity for key team members to attend and be involved in solving problems, building ideas, and developing solutions.

InnovationTANK Maverick | Economical


Save time and money on travel to and from our venue, and once the session is over, you and your team can effortlessly return to your daily duties.

InnovationTANK Maverick | Efficient


Sharing ideas and collaborating between your team is easier and more effective allowing for more concise and effective session.